Equality And Diversity

Equality and Diversity

HairT Trinity Solutions welcomes diversity in the workplace and encourages the progress and advancement of all learners irrespective of race, colour, ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion, age, marital status or sexual orientation.

In addition to Newcastle City Council's Equality and Diversity policy, we will:

  • help all individuals to understand their responsibilities for Equality & Diversity through training, discussion and information
  • promote fair and consistent practices and behaviours for all learners
  • regularly review policies and procedures to ensure that they meet our legal obligations as a minimum
  • promote equality of opportunity throughout recruitment, selection, learning and support
  • review and monitor Equality & Diversity issues at local and national level
  • provide facilities and services that overcome barriers to learning and development
  • promote Equality & Diversity through marketing materials and in our dealings with partners, employers, providers and suppliers.
  • investigate any issues raised by learners under our grievance procedure

All learners have a personal responsibility to uphold the ideals of this Policy by ensuring that their behaviour is appropriate, fair and respectful.

This statement will be regularly reviewed as part of our quality procedure.